Instantly launch and manage your enterprise applications
with Azati Cloud Control
it's now as easy as child's play
One-click life cycle operations, backups, cloning,
assistance with troubleshooting and more
VPS from 0.02 USD/hour, 14.88 USD/month

What is ACC?

Azati Cloud Control (ACC) is an on-demand hosting system, which may be used by anyone to instantly launch and continuously maintain web-based applications in a cloud computing environment.

How much does access to ACC cost?

Unlimited access to the Azati Cloud Control catalog of ready to launch applications is FREE. Actual cloud usage does not require any long-term commitments and is billed by Amazon on pay-as-you-go basis.

How does ACC work?

By automating and vastly simplifying complex technical procedures, ACC alleviates the need to involve software and network engineers to set up, configure, optimize and reliably maintain applications in the Amazon EC2 environment.

ACC for software users:

Azati is an excellent way of easily launching, maintaining and managing instance(s) of web-based applications without investing in hardware or unnecessarily involving technical staff.

ACC for software vendors:

Azati can be used to offer your web-based software to new clients as on-demand applications. With ACC, you can employ the hosted SaaS (ASP) model even if your software was originally designed as a single tenant solution.

Instant Launch Applications

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